With over 20 years in the industry, Reggie has always strived to explore & contribute to the art of story telling through motion pictures.  Reggie Brumfield is a leading Hollywood Director of Photography, originally from Amite City, Louisiana, Reggie currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  He has had an exceptional career as a DP/Camera Operator - from feature films to hit reality television series & documentaries, urban films to music videos, web-series, and commercials.

Reggie is a visual storyteller who brings a unique brand of creativity to every project and excels in a variety of formats, from film to digital media. If it has a lens, Reggie can shoot with it!  His work as Director of Photography has taken him all over the world shooting in South Africa, Jamaica, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, throughout the Caribbean  and across the United States.  

Reggie Brumfield is known to be proficient, exceptional with lighting AND expedient with crews and equipment to fit large or small budgets and has received the highest praise from staff and producers for his positive attitude, work ethic and unique ability to work under difficult circumstances and high pressure situations.

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